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Board Covenant 2016-2017

ERUUF Board of Trustees Covenant (2016-2017)

We have the great privilege and the great responsibility to serve our beloved Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as Trustees.  We pledge to give our best effort, our hearts and our minds, in service to our congregation to foster spiritual growth, service, justice, generosity, and love. We will dream big and manage responsibly.

Our Spirit and Intention:

  • Focus on our mission, our strategic plan, and our responsibility to the future
  • Connect with, actively engage, and transparently communicate with the congregation
  • Live our UU principles and honor our many UU sources
  • Celebrate diversity and work to create the beloved community
  • Encourage spiritual growth in each other and in ourselves

Our Board Meetings:

  • Come prepared
  • Start and end on time
  • “Check-in” with each other at the start of each meeting
  • Connect with and support each other
  • Look for the wisdom in one anothers’ words
  • Be fully present and refrain from non-ERUUF computer use
  • Work efficiently and purposefully without undue haste
  • Use electronic means for effective document collaboration
  • Listen respectfully without interruption
  • Allow each person to speak before speaking a second time on the same issue.
  • Agree to disagree with respect
  • Speak our truth – even when it is lonely or difficult
  • Respect attempts to maintain process
  • Be mindful of the policies and annual vision of ministry that guide our work together