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Healthy Congregation Offers Workshop

April 30, between services, Commons Room

In order to fulfill its mission to provide “healthy communities training to ERUUF as a whole including children,” the Healthy Congregation Committee is pleased to offer guidance in skills that can be used to increase the quality of relationships with others and thereby foster the development of a healthy covenantal community at ERUUF.

These skills include speaking clearly and effective listening to improve the quality of our communications with one another. An outline of the key components of speaking and listening skills, along with an exercise to improve your practice of them, is provided here.

Also important in fostering the development of a healthy covenantal community are two relationship-improving skills that enable one to relate effectively and positively to others. The first of these skills is the practice of empathy to enable us to increase awareness and understanding of what others are thinking and feeling and how these thoughts and feelings motivate their behavior. The second is being on the lookout for opportunities to increase the ratio of positives to negatives in our everyday encounters with others. The components of these two skills are outlined here along with exercises to improve your practice of them.

Programs that provide training in these communication and relationship skills have been found to increase one’s satisfaction with the social support available and to improve clinical outcomes in patients with cancer and heart disease.

To provide an opportunity to practice these skills, Redford Williams and Lisa Keen of the Healthy Congregation Committee will lead a session between services on April 30, between services, Commons Room, during which attendees will be guided in speaking and listening communication skills.