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Change Team (Dismantling Racism)

The Change Team helps organize and coordinate racial equity and inclusion efforts at ERUUF and has focused initially on sponsoring Dismantling Racism workshops. The Team is now in the process of discerning ways for ERUUF to keep moving forward with actions that further its commitment to the cause of dismantling racism and is proposing the following overarching goal or objective:

“To create a culture where racial equity and inclusion are the norm by making the learning and practice of racial equity and inclusion integral to ERUUF’s policies, programs and interactions.  This will be evident both within ERUUF and in relationships between ERUUF members and the larger community of which we are a part, as we engage individually and collectively.”

The Spiritual Foundation:  We engage this crucial work of creating a community of racial equity and inclusion as Unitarian Universalists, within the sacred space of our covenantal faith.   At the heart of our tradition are questions about who we are, whose we are, and how we intend to be together with one another, our neighbors, and the larger world. Living these questions together in community is our spiritual journey, a primary way that we grow in spirit and transform our lives. 

We have identified eight “Ends” or “Indicators of goal attainment.” These ends are based on desired outcomes proposed from Dismantling Racism workshop groups and our meetings with Tema Okun and Michelle Johnson, the DR leaders.  We have also suggested some possible specific actions or “Means” to those Ends, along with areas within ERUUF’s program and ministry teams where these might fit. 

We are encouraging ERUUF’s ministry teams (committees, Councils, and the like) to consider how they might include racial equity and inclusion goals for their ministry area as part of their annual planning process. We hope that you will be able to contribute ideas and possible action steps for any groups you are part of.

Proposed Process for Racial Equity and Inclusion at ERUUFThis docoument is a work in progress. The Change Team welcomes your comments.

One of the steps that the Change Team is taking is forming Becoming the Change, a new ERUUF Group beginning November 27, 2017. Details and sign up here.
We are considering additional ways to build on the DR workshops and we especially want your ideas and suggestions, as well as your involvement. If you have specific suggestions or questions, write to us at  or speak to any of us about your ideas. You may find information about Dismantling Racism workshops here and here.

ERUUF’s Dismantling Racism Change Team:  Elizabeth Ault, Diane Blount, Linda Brooks, Dan Grandstaff, Paula Quick Hall, David Huber, Bonnie LaCroix, Lillie Searles, Jacqueline Brett (ex officio), and Rev. Deborah Cayer (ex officio).