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ERUUF Coronavirus Updates

January 29, 2021

At this time as COVID-19 cases begin to slowly recede from an all-time high, President Biden has told us that the pandemic death toll is likely to reach half a million by the end of February. For this reason, as we wait for widespread vaccines this winter it seems best to keep as much distance as possible among our staff. Until conditions improve, we will continue to produce Sunday worship and all our programs from home. We remain highly tuned to updates from Governor Cooper, Dr. Mandy Cohen, the CDC, the new Administration, and now more than ever, Dr. Fauci. We're eager to turn back toward normal as soon as we're able. But as Dr. Fauci has said, "The virus determines the timeline."  

  • At this time, ERUUF remains in Phase 2 of our own Reopening Guidelines. Click the Read More button below to learn more and to access Phased Reopening Documents.  

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