• Welcoming Statement

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    ERUUF is committed to the inclusion of every person. All are welcome here without regard to race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or economic status, in accord with UU Principles. We are a UUA “Welcoming Congregation.”

  • New?

    new plant cradledWelcome to this inclusive community where we embrace people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and stages of life.  We'd love to show you around.

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  • Radical Inclusivity

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    Instead of a creed, Unitarian Universalists share a spirit and vision of radical inclusivity, individual agency, and social justice. We create a safe space to stand out, stand up, and change your mind, particularly during life's transitions. We embrace personal discovery and growth through learning, engagement, and service. Our only doctrine is love.
    Victoria Mitchell


  • Interdependence

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    We need each other. Each of us is responsible for what happens on this earth. We are each absolutely essential, each totally irreplaceable. Leonard Peltier

  • Love

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    It is love that fashions us into the fullness of our being—not our looks, not our work, not our wants, not our achievements, not our parents, not our status, not our dreams. ... it is love: who we love, how we love, why we love, and that we love which ultimately shapes us.   Daphne Rose Kingma


  • Hope

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    One can never understand what hope is really about unless one wrestles with despair. The same is true with faith. There has to be some serious doubt, otherwise faith becomes merely a dogmatic formula, an orthodoxy, a way of evading the complexity of life, rather than a way of engaging honestly with life.   Cornel West