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Pledge Drive 2018-19 news

Invest in ERUUFthumb 2018 stewardship 210

Remember how it feels when ERUUF’s ministers say the words in your heart that you couldn’t express?  The stirring music and our amazing choirs? The children’s story and their spontaneous, wise responses? And all the unique ways ERUUF’s programs and community activism have inspired you?

The Annual Pledge Drive gives members and friends an opportunity to generously support ERUUF’s mission, ministry and programs, and our combined pledges create ERUUF’s budget for fiscal year 2018-2019. 

A mailed packet will arrive in mid-Feb to help you understand ERUUF’s budget needs and ways to pledge.  If you pledge already, thank you! We need everyone’s generosity and hope you will increase your pledge commitment if at all possible.  If you have not pledged in the past, we need your help now.  Our combined time, talent and treasures truly make ERUUF greater than the sum of our parts.