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    Mission: Deepen spiritual growth in a joyous, covenantal community that affirms inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational experiences within and beyond our walls.

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Youth and Children

Welcome to the Religious Education (RE) Program for youth and children.

Jan 2016 DRE News

How fortunate we have celebrations to excite us, cheer us, and warm us in the grey and dark of winter. We have had a full holiday calendar with Nifty Gifty, a jubilant Sock Hop, the Wrapping Party (R.E. wrapped hundreds of warm hats and mittens for Urban Ministries), a wild Winter Solstice Worship and Celebration, and a sweet Christmas Pageant. These events helped us explore important themes in Religious Education, including generosity, justice, darkness, and one’s inner light. We offer many thanks to all the ERUUFians who made these experiences so


Dec. 2015 DRE News

Here we are, approaching the longest night of the year. We are turning on our lights, figuratively too, and huddling closer together. Winter Solstice is a celebration of the return of the sun, but can also be a time to explore the darkest dark of the year.


Nov. 2015 DRE News

What a beautiful autumn it is here in Durham. The leaves are changing colors and falling, all day long. I have been sitting under a big White Oak’s falling leaves, reading a book I recommend called "The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children," by Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar. It is a little paperback, full of opinions and ideas about culture, ritual, community, and the sacred.


October 2015 DRE News

We did it. We, you, me, R.E. Council, ministers, staff, members, friends, friends of friends, together we found Religious Education teachers for the children and youth in this fellowship. Between “calling parties”, posters, pleas, brainstorming, philosophizing, and a lot of conversations, we found 64 members willing to serve as spiritual guides for the youngest UUs. ERUUFians came out of the wood works to say, Yes. ERUUFians decided R.E. was a priority in their lives and for the lives of the children here.


Introducing ERUUF's Next Religious Educator!

Julia Tyler 1ERUUF's DRE Search Team is very pleased to share the great news that we've hired Julia Tyler to be ERUUF's next DRE!

We're excited that in addition to having extensive knowledge of Unitarian Universalism, world religions, justice issues, children's development and education, Julia also has the communication and volunteer management skills that we believe will best serve all of ERUUF's many children, parents and teachers.


Letter from new DRE

Dear ERUUFians,

I am honored to be joining ERUUF as Director of Religious Education. From what I see, ERUUF is blooming with spirit and social justice activism, commitment to inclusivity and covenant, and celebration of our principles, including our connection to Earth and each other. How special the fellowship named itself after its river, and that this river is named after its native people. I am excited to tap into the waters at ERUUF.


Religious Education Check-In/Check-Out Policy

Please help us work together to insure safety for all our children by following the check-in/check-out safety policy for weekly RE classes.