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Children/Youth RE Registration Forms, 2018-19

We have a simple process for registering children and youth for the 2018-19 Religious Education (RE) Program.

Notes before you register

  • Returning families must register for RE each year. New families must register for RE after attending three times. All children/youth  (0 years  through 12th grade) must be registered.
  • Children must register for either the 9:15 or 11:15 RE session and attend classes at that service only.
  • When placing children, we follow the public school guidelines of placing a 5 year old born before September 1st in kindergarten. If you wish your child to remain in another class please consult with the RE director before registering.

The Steps

  1. Read the agreement.
  2. Complete the parent volunteer form.
  3. Complete the child/youth form for each child or youth. Medical insurance policy number
  4. If registering for OWL, complete the OWL form and possible fee* (non-members).
* If you are not a member and want your child to enroll in an OWL program, you will need to pay the OWL program fee.


Please read the following as it is the agreement that allows Religious Education to happen at ERUUF.

Expectations of Child /Youth Behavior

Positive behavior, interaction and participation are the basic principles of a healthy and safe learning environment. Negative behaviors detract from the learning environment we strive to create in the ERUUF Religious Education programs and the CARE building. These behaviors include disruptive activities, refusing to positively participate in activities, disrespect of others.  No violence in word or deed. No “put downs”, only “pull ups”. No weapons, real or imaginary. No exclusive behavior.

Our Classes Are Electronic Device Free: Our Religious Education program at ERUUF is a relational and communal experience. Therefore, the use of cell phones, IPods, mp3 players, video games, and other electronic devices are not permitted in class while in the CARE building unless being used as a teaching tool by RE teachers/advisors. These items encourage isolation and solitary activity rather than relationship and interaction with others. Distractions (electronic or otherwise) will be collected and returned at the end of the session.

Parent Consent

Note: If more than one parent is involved in your child/youth's upbringing, please convey the following information to them for your child/youth's sake.

  • I will strive for consistent attendance at the selected time, to demonstrate to my family that our faith community is important. I/We understand that Religious Education program at ERUUF is primarily a relational experience requiring commitment in order to build trust and nurture friendships.

  • I will remain on campus while my children (8th grade and under) are attending RE classes, unless special arrangements have been made with RE staff in advance.

  • I will take responsibility for knowing the whereabouts of my children/youth while on campus if they are not participating in an RE program or event.

  • I will leave my cell phone on vibrate in the event I need to be contacted.

  • I will support the Expectations of Behavior outlined above and discuss with my children and youth. I understand that positive behavior, interaction, and participation are the basic principles of a healthy and safe learning environment.

  • I will provide timely feedback (both positive and constructive) in order to assess and improve the program.

  • I understand that our Religious Education program is a cooperative model and its success depends on volunteers including me.

  • I give permission to take and use photos of our children and youth for displays, in-house communication and on ERUUF website. I understand no names or personal information will be identified.

  • I agree to read and become familiar with all the Safety and Security Policies and Procedures  as they pertain to the Religious Education program for children and youth.

  • In the event my child requires emergency medical attention and I cannot be reached immediately, I give permission for the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship staff, volunteer teachers or youth advisors to authorize medical attention.

  • I understand if I have questions around any of these agreements, it is my responsibility to talk with the R.E. Director. 

More printable view of Expectations/Consent


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Registration Forms

 Parent Volunteer Registration

Please complete the form below.

Volunteer (opens in new window/tab)


Child / Youth Registration

Please enter each child separately.

Register (opens in new window/tab)


OWL Registrations

Because of special requirements, our OWL Programs require an additional quick registration. See RE Programming for more details.

1st Grade OWL Registration (starts January)

5th Grade OWL Registration (starts August)

8th Grade OWL Registration (starts August)


Nonmember OWL Fees

1st Grade OWL $150
4th Grade OWL $150
8th Grade OWL $300


Please pay fees through:

  • our online giving portal - use the RE fees option - pay now
  • via check to the RE office