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Stories of Justice

Want to learn about all the ways ERUUF has worked to promote justice in our community and the world?  Browse through this archive of stories and events.

Progress Made on Green Sanctuary Accreditation

Through the fall and early winter ERUUFians took the initial steps toward Green Sanctuary accreditation. Green Sanctuary is a program offered by the UUA to give congregations a pathway of study, reflection, and action in response to environmental challenges, most notably climate change. It provides a structure for congregations to examine their current environmental impacts and move toward more sustainable, just, and equitable practices grounded in Unitarian Universalism. Attaining Green Sanctuary accreditation is a strategic action in ERUUF’s current Strategic Plan: Initial efforts to move this multi-year effort forward are being led by members of the Earth Justice Action Group that form the Green Sanctuary (GS) Accreditation Team (GSAT).


JMC Statement on Community Policing Policies and the Militarization of the Police

The Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Justice Ministry Council             

Statement on Community Policing Policies and the Militarization of the Police

March 2018

The ERUUF Justice Ministry Council makes this statement out of concerns about local Police Policies, Procedures, and Practices. Our statement is founded upon our Unitarian Universalist Principles to include our commitment to peace, liberty, and justice; the worth and dignity of every person; equity and compassion in human relations; interdependence; and a commitment the democratic process. Our goal is to develop and support a vibrant local community based upon diversity, opportunity, equity, support and protection. The realization of these goals and principles depends, to a considerable extent, on the qualities of our police and judicial systems because it is these institutions that either support or destroy public perceptions of trust, fairness, equity, and respect --- the things that are the glue that hold us together as a society and community.


Justice Activist, Author, and YES! Magazine Co-Founder Sarah Van Gelder Speaks at ERUUF

by Tom Fletcher

"Say yes now, everything real greets you" sang the members of Jewelsong, a very appropriate welcome to Sarah Van Gelder, co-founder and now former editor of YES! Magazine and author of The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000-Mile Journey Through a New America.  

Sarah spoke to a large community gathering in the sanctuary at ERUUF on Monday evening, October 9, sharing stories of her travels that highlight what ordinary people are doing in their communities to create solutions to issues of racial, economic, and environmental justice.


Durham CAN Assembly Outlines Change Agenda, Honors Amassa Fauntleroy

The most recent Durham CAN public assembly took place at Mount Level Missionary Baptist Church on October 26. At least 30 representatives of ERUUF were present. The candidates for mayor and city council were invited to hear about and support  Durham CAN's agenda for change. All the candidates as well as several city officials who were not up for election attended. The assembly included over 600 people from congregations and neighborhoods of Durham.


Plenary Session Reports on Justice Ministry Accomplishments

At the recent Justice Plenary Session, ERUUFians learned what has happened recently through the efforts of the Justice Ministry Council and its many Action Teams.  Here is a summary: 


Green Sanctuary Accreditation: An ERUUF Strategic Goal!

Did you know that Green Sanctuary Accreditation is a current strategic goal for our faith community? Well, it is and all ERUUF members and friends are invited to learn more about Green Sanctuary and to engage in the accreditation process as much as possible. 


Dismantling Racism Workshop on Oct. 13-14

The next Dismantling Racism Workshop at ERUUF will be Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13-14, 2017. The workshop is all day (8:30 am-4:30 pm), both days, and will be held in the Fellowship Hall at ERUUF. 

The sign up deadline is past and applications are no longer being accepted for the Oct. workshop.  We hope to offer another Dismantling Racism workshop in the Spring, 2018.


2nd Annual Plant-based Eating Week

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful series of events! An entire week of community, compassion, and science-based information for support of eating in a way that is better for you, better for all living creatures, and better for the environment. Meet the local leaders of this movement and mingle with others who have benefited from choosing to incorporate more fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables into their diet. Everyone with an open mind and an open heart is welcome. Most events require registration below. Some are only open to ERUUF members but others are open to the wider community. Please read on for more information. Hope to see you there!