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2017-18 Pledge Campaign


To Boldly Shine Our Light - What this Pledge Campaign Can Make Possible

Our fellowship has been a beacon for over 50 years: a place for spiritual renewal, raising our children, and challenging ourselves and each other to make the world more just and compassionate. We have an opportunity to take a leap this year, and build our congregation’s capacity to be an even brighter light for our members, friends, and larger community.

During this 2017-2018 pledge campaign, we will reflect on ways that ERUUF connects with and impacts our members and larger community. We will also envision how we might deepen and strengthen our work moving forward. This Fellowship truly is a shining light in the Triangle. Your ERUUF pledge supports equity, justice, diversity, freedom, compassion, acceptance, and the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Now, that’s a great investment!

The 2017-18 pledge campaign runs from February 26 through March 19. The pledge you make is your promise to contribute money to support ERUUF through the coming budget year (July 2017 through June 2018). We are asking members and friends of ERUUF to be faithful stewards and pledge generously.

For several years, ERUUF has relied extensively on the generosity of a relatively small number of large donors, for which we are extremely grateful. This year is different. Now, it’s time that we ALL increase our pledges so that ERUUF can thrive in this critical time, both for our Fellowship and for our world.

This Fellowship has already achieved great things, and we can accomplish even more if we have the financial resources. We’ve grown to the point that we require more staff support just to continue meeting fundamental congregational and personal needs. (See stewardship details here). We ask you to contribute as generously as you are able.