Youth and Children

Feb. 2017 DRE News


Julia Tyler, Religious Education Director

The worship theme at ERUUF this February is courage. Courage can take on many forms and faces, and we will explore some of them in Religious Education this month.

When was the last time you felt courageous? What did you do, and why did you do it? What courageous conversations have you had? What courageous actions have you taken? What inspires you to be brave?

We lift up and celebrate courage in our religious and moral texts because it is so difficult. We practice courage in congregational life and in Religious Education so that we can live into it when called upon in the wider world. Why is courage so difficult? We admire those who are, and sing “I want to see you be brave” with Sara Bareilles. But to do so ourselves… The feelings in the body in moments of bravery are uncomfortable at best.

But as a faith community, we are committed to open minds, hearts, and hands. We honor the undefended heart. We come together as a religious community to practice creating and begin building the world of which we dream, and this takes courage. This month, we welcome children into our congregation through a Child Dedication Ceremony, and we promise to support them in their spiritual and religious potential. Together this month, we practice courage as an avenue towards opening the mind and heart of the world.

Come join us in this work in Religious Education.

Warmly,  Julia