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Youth and Children

Jan. 2017 DRE News


Julia Tyler, Religous Education Director

The start of a new year offers a mark of time passed and time coming. It provides space for reflection, evaluation, and resolution. We can do this at any time, but there can be extra support at this time of year, when there is a cultural focus on self-improvement and goal-setting.

This can be a good time to evaluate one’s life and values. This year in particular, after the divisive elections of 2016, our values may seem threatened. This may be an opportunity to clarify- what exactly are your values? What are your social, moral, political beliefs, and why?


In Religious Education, we sing about Unitarian Universalist values in the “7 Principles Song”.

You can sing this song to children or to yourself, as a reminder of the basic values of our faith. It is sung to the tune of “Doe a Deer”:

One -Each person is important.
Two - Be kind in all you do.
Three - We're free to learn together,
Four - and search for what is true.
Five - All people need a voice.
Six - Build a fair and peaceful world.
Seven - we take care of the earth.
And that will bring us back to me and U, U, You.

What do these UU values mean to you?

We can find energy and power in clarifying our values, and then living them out. How are you living out your values in your life right now? How do your relationships and work support your values? What can you do to better share your personal and religious values with the world?

Religious Education offers many ways to live into UU values. This spring, we are looking for volunteers to become trained as Our Whole Lives (OWL) facilitators to lead the elementary OWL classes next year. The OWL program aligns with all five of the first principles, and builds a more peaceful world in the process. This fall we offered 5-6th grade OWL, and this spring we are offering K-1st grade OWL. We give thanks to all the volunteers who have made OWL happen, knowing that these classes nurture the physical and emotional well-being of the participants their whole lives, and the ripples go out. If you are interested in becoming an OWL facilitator or if you have questions about the OWL program, please contact: .

We all need opportunities to put our values into action, and Religious Education is a place to find that. Come and join us.

We come together as a religious community because we are seeking transformation. The mission at ERUUF is to transform lives, our own and others. This month presents the practice of generosity as an avenue towards the transformation we seek.

Warmly, Julia