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    Mission: Deepen spiritual growth in a joyous, covenantal community that affirms inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational experiences within and beyond our walls.

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Youth and Children

May 2017 DRE News

Can you imagine a world where every child is taught positive self-perception and clear communication tools, convinced of her own value, of his own beauty, of their own rightness in existing in this world? This is what Religious Education is about. 

Over the course of this program year, Religious Educators have talked with young ones about how to care about themselves, each other, and this blue Earth we share. They have been asking big questions like, Who or what is God? What makes us the same, and different?

What ties us to all of humanity, and what separates us as unique individuals? Our Religious Educators are imparting tools like self-confidence, self-care and self-expression. We know these tools will deeply impact all their lives and their relationships. We know this is “making a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs said.  

This spring, we honor youth in the Coming of Age Worship Service on May 7, and we will send our graduating seniors out into the world with the Bridging Ceremony on June 4. Please join us in honoring the growth, inspiration, and dreams across the lifespan. 

We all need all ages in our lives all our lives.

Come and join us,