Working Draft Mission Statement: With an eye on our vision of transformation and healing, the mission of the Justice Ministry is to focus our energy as a community on key projects (primarily via our Action Groups and special events) that make significant contributions to a more just and healthy world by our love, spirit and service and impact the lives of our members through their commitment, learning, service and advocacy.

Current members: 

  • Justice Chair: Tom Fletcher, 
  • Coordinator, Justice Associates:Doug Rhodes
  • Coordinators, Planning & Budgeting: Denise Frizzell and Holly Kingdon
  • Area of Concerns Liaisons: See Justice Ministry Action Groups
  • Minister, Ex. Officio: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, 

Justice Ministry Council Objectives

  • To come together in community and support for the work that we do for social, economic, and earth justice.
  • To lead discussions of the reasons for social justice work within a faith community, including the spiritual aspects of social justice work.
  • To raise awareness among ERUUFians of the objectives, strategies and specific activities of ERUUF Social Justice Action Groups, and to catalyze increased participation in those groups.
  • To facilitate the work of, and promote collaboration among ERUUF social justice Action Groups.
  • To act as a communication contact between ERUUF and outside social justice groups.
  • To assist in leading coordinated responses by ERUUF to acute social justice crises.
  • To coordinate ERUUF Social Justice Action Groups’ advocacy for internal resources.

About Justice

Criteria for Justice Action Teams


 Justice Sundays

Contact Person: Denise Frizzell
Role: Moderator