Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister

On Sunday, January 30, 2022, members of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF) enthusiastically voted to call Reverend Jacqueline Brett (she/they) as new Lead Minister. Rev. Jacqueline Brett has been with ERUUF since 2012. In addition to preaching and teaching, their portfolio consists of justice, adult programs, and membership.

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Role: Lead Minister
Phone: 919-489-2575 x102

Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Executive Minister

Daniel (he/him) has served ERUUF for over 12 years as Dirctor of administration, managing communications, facilities, finances, support staff, worship tech, IT, and more. In a new role as Executive Minister, Daniel will join the worship team, offer classes, and work with various groups and teams at ERUUF. He will still provide financial management as well as oversight of ERUUF administrative systems, but no longer handle many of the daily operations of the Fellowship.

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Role: Executive Minister
Phone: 919-489-2575 x103

Rev. Jim Lewis, Minister of Lifespan Faith Development

Rev. Jim Lewis (he/they) is a queer minister, chaplain, collaborator, educator, ponderer, musician, and lover of games of all sorts. “So much of my work is about encouraging nourishing and flourishing. We gather to enjoy and deepen our spirits in community. At all ages, that includes a broad spectrum of experience: listening, talking, contemplating, playing, adventuring, laughing, crying, protesting, loving, resting, and so much more. I look forward to collaborating with ERUUF in these ways and more as we engage together!”

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Phone: 919-489-2575 x107

Rev. Stacy Grove, Consulting Pastoral Care Minister

Stacy Grove (she/her) is a Jewish Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Director with a background in pastoral care, hospice care, chaplaincy, and Red Cross disaster spiritual care. Her role providing pastoral care for the ERUUF community is part-time and involves working closely with the Pastoral Care Associates and the Care Ministries Team.

Role: Consulting Pastoral Care Minister
Phone: 919-489-2575 x109

Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Minister Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube is a graduate of the University of Chicago Divinity School and Meadville Lombard Theological School. He served as Lead Minister at ERUUF for 21 years from 1983 to 2004 and then as Lead Minister at First UU Church of San Diego until his retirement in 2014. Since retirement, he has devoted himself to teaching and to a ministry of spiritual direction.  He has been an adjunct faculty member at Duke Divinity School and Starr King School for the Ministry. ERUUF voted to call Dr. Straube as its Minister Emeritus in 2014.

Shawn Trimble, Office Administrator

Shawn Marie Trimble (she/her), was born in New Orleans, LA. Colorful as the city she is from with a background in visual arts, she received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from North Carolina Central University. After 10 years of serving this beloved community in various capacities, she joyfully leans into the role of ERUUF's Office Administrator. A published writer who loves sage, Shawn enjoys promoting spiritually enriching workshops, products, and global movements- including The With Love Movement, world day of healing through letter writing.

Role: Office Administrator
Phone: 919-489-2575 x104
Staff Partner: Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Executive Minister

Alice Alexander, Director of Membership Development

Alice (she/her) has enjoyed a fantastic career in nonprofit management, primarily with Planned Parenthood. She recently stepped down as Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the U.S. Alice discovered UUism straight out of college, belonging to congregations in Virginia and Cincinnati, and joining ERUUF in 2001 after moving to Durham. She is proud to have served as Board President of SUUSI, the UU summer camp, which attracts the largest gathering of UU’s outside of GA. Alice is delighted to be part of the ERUUF team.

Role: Director of Membership Development
Phone: 919-489-2575 x108
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister

Wendy Looker, Music Director

Wendy Looker (she/her) is Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she has chaired the Music Department and more recently, the Division of Fine Arts. In addition to directing the College Choir and LUMINA treble ensemble, Dr. Looker teaches early music history and culture, vocal performance and aural skills. Guilford College Choirs have toured Ireland, Prague, Austria, and up and down the East coast. As a choral artist and teacher, Looker is deeply committed to inclusive programming and champions works by underrepresented and historically marginalized composers. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of choral music to serve as a vehicle for social change and justice.

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Role: Director of Music
Phone: 919-489-2575 x106

Michele Sager, Program Coordinator

Michele (she/her) came to ERUUF 12 years ago and immediately felt like she was "home." As soon as a job opportunity opened up, Michele applied for it and became an Office Assistant in 2012. She left ERUUF for a few years and returned as Program Assistant in 2019. Michele has a background as an administrative executive assistant and graphic design. She loves this beloved community and is happy to be an employee as well as a member.

Role: Program Coordinator
Phone: 919-489-2575
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister

Sheng Yang, Bookkeeper

Ms. Yang easily keeps our accounting and financial systems running smoothly and efficiently. We are glad to have her as part of our team.

Role: Bookkeeper
Phone: 919-489-2575 x105
Staff Partner: Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Executive Minister

Melissa Smith, R.E. Assistant

Melissa Smith (she/her) joined the ERUUF team in 2021 as the Religious Education (R.E.) Assistant. The Smith family relocated to the Durham area in 2019 and was happy to find community at ERUUF. After witnessing her own children’s growth within the R.E. program, she was excited to partner with the fellowship as a staff member to help others similarly engage. For nearly a decade, Melissa has been a homeschool educator for her own three children and within co-learning communities, working with children with a variety of personalities and preferences while planning and executing fun and educational activities. Additionally, she volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader and in voter engagement. Melissa is a perpetual learner who loves books, podcasts, good conversation, cooking new recipes, and allyship in the social and racial justice movements. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Mary Washington University in Political Science and is a graduate of L’Academie de Cuisine.

Role: RE Assistant
Phone: 919-489-2575
Staff Partner: Rev. Jim Lewis, Minister of Lifespan Faith Development

John Felheim, Office Assistant

John is a recent resident to the Durham/Triangle area after moving from Columbia, South Carolina. Eager to plant roots, he joined the UU Fellowship team for the inclusion and strong community. When he isn’t occupied being the New Guy, John is busy playing video games, practicing 3D digital animation, enhancing his Japanese proficiency, or thinking about his two cats. If you see him walking around, approach with caution - he tends to be too friendly. 

Role: Office Assistant
Phone: 919-489-2575 x101
Staff Partner: Shawn Trimble, Office Administrator

Kate Lewis, Accompanist

Role: Pianist and Choir Accompanist
Staff Partner: Wendy Looker, Music Director

King Sage, Tech Assistant

With a unique voice and unconventional style King (he/they) is an interdisciplinary storyteller, artist, and teacher who weaves together imaginative webs that cultivate passionate understandings of Movement, Color, and Sound. His intent is to see his creative work span every artistic medium! King’s 5 Elements of PLAY, is a learning method and lens through which he intends to teach himself and those he finds community with to reignite their connection to the Spirit of their Inner Child. As a dancer, pianist, and poet; he takes his inspiration from the hours upon hours spent alone in the basement of his teenage home where he first began to build self-love through these crafts. King has grown into the artist he is today by virtue of the community of Black Trans and Queer kindred who champion his talents and continue to encourage him to go after his dreams with full impassioned desire.

Role: Tech Assistant
Phone: 919-489-2575
Staff Partner: Shawn Trimble, Office Administrator

David Scheidt, Facilities

David has served as Facilities Assistant since 2005. He takes pride in helping keep our campus running well to support the good work of ERUUF’s ministry. David comes from a family of Lutheran preachers but chose a different path early in life. He joined St. John’s UU Church in Cincinnati in the mid 1970s and appreciated the shared values he discovered. He joined ERUUF soon after landing in Durham in 2001. David is pleased to be part of the ERUUF team.

Role: Facilities Assistant
Phone: 919-489-2575 x115
Staff Partner: Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Executive Minister