Vision: Our vision is to contribute to ERUUF’s mission by shaping Adult Programs that breathe life into our Principles by encouraging members and friends from various traditions to experience spiritual deepening and faith development as we grow interpersonally in a caring, inspiring, and welcoming learning community.

Let us know if you are interested in leading a discussion group, either a one time group or a short series. Our team is also available to mentor you if this is a new experience for you, by guiding you through the process, or perhaps by pairing you up with an experienced facilitator.

Team members: Victoria Zula, John Rawls, Ann Verdine, Laura Grillo & Rev. Jacqueline Brett (Staff partner)

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Adult Programs Course Feedback

Contact Rev. Brett if you have an idea for leading a group, 

Contact Person: Victoria Zula
Role: Chair
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Minister of Congregational Engagement