Sacred Time Sacred Space

Led by Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Wednesdays, September 27 - October 18, 2023
Multi-Platform (Fellowship Hall and Zoom)

Using a variety of sources we’ll explore the significance of sacred time and sacred places in the world and in our lives. When, where, and how do they come to be, and why have humans found these points in time and space necessary? How do we interact with or create them today, at ERUUF, in our lives, and in the greater world? And, of course, what do we mean by sacred?

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Inside ERUUF

Led by the Membership Team
Sundays, October 8-15, November 5-12, 2023
Multi-Platform (Room 4/5 of the CARE Building and Zoom)

Inside ERUUF is a series of four stand-alone sessions that take a deep dive into the workings of ERUUF.

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Generosity as a Spiritual Practice

Led by the Stewardship Team
Sundays, October 15-29, 2023
Room 4/5 of the CARE Building

How can what you do with your money and time be part of a spiritual practice? How does generosity affect your well-being? Join in a lively discussion during this 3 session class.

Facing Death with Life

Led by Rev. Jim Lewis
Wednesdays, November 1-15, 2023
Multi-Platform (Fellowship Hall and Zoom)

Fellowship Hall and Zoom
Wednesdays Nov. 1, 8 and 15
12:00pm until 1:15pm

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UU Elevator Speech

Led by the Adult Programs Team
Sundays, November 5-19, 2023
Multi-Platform (Room 4/5 of the CARE Building and Zoom)

UU Elevator Speech is a 3-session course that guides participants in developing a short statement about our Unitarian Universalist faith. It is called an “elevator speech” because, on an elevator ride when someone asks, “What is Unitarian Universalism?” you only have a short time to make a meaningful statement!

1. It’s Not a Credo
2. Writing Your Elevator Speech
3. Sharing Your Elevator Speech