Join a team that is open for short term or one time involvement. We hope to

  • Build citizen engagement and healthy relationships.
  • Engage citizens for a more effective and inclusive democracy.
  • Mobilize and activate together for issues such as voting rights, anti-racism and xenophobia, improved treatment of women, children, the sick, the elderly and the poor.
  • Build government accountability, talk to voters and legislators; recruit other people to join in the action.

Meantime treat each other with respect and kindness and watch how life feels a little better when you’re advancing democracy! Depending on the event, there might be eating, drumming, dancing; enjoy the company. 

We partner with other organizations that fight for citizens’ rights: You Can Vote, the NAACP, Forward Together, Women’s March and March for our Lives, the People’s Alliance and more.

Events include phone banks, canvassing, carpooling, marching. Go to downtown Durham or Raleigh and promote democracy. Gather for a talk or a film and discussion. We have a priority to partner and support other non profits and non partisan groups, especially projects that impact people who are marginalized—women, children, the poor, people of color and LGBTQI communities.

Contact Person: Emily Cox
Role: Co-coordinator