Group Description: Pride+ is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, agender, and allies who are a part of the ERUUF community.

Overarching Goals: We are committed to:

  • Creating a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for LGBTQIA members, significant others, families, guests, and all who enter our doors or engage with ERUUF in the community.
  • Supporting issues of equity, equality and justice impacting LGBTQIA people within the congregation, in North Carolina, and nationally– especially those issues impacting the most marginalized.
  • Strengthening the bonds of the Beloved Community within and beyond ERUUF by reaching out to organizations and communities committed to uplifting LGBTQIA people. (For example, we participate in Pride: Durham, NC which is held each September.)

Trans Inclusion in Congregations Course - FREE to ERUUF participants. Click the Read More button for details.


Trans Inclusion CourseIn order to deepen our congregation’s understanding of what it means to build Beloved Community, the Eno River Fellowship Foundation has made the videos from the on-line course available to member and friends of ERUUF for no charge. Our investment in the spiritual practice of radical welcome can change how we greet new people, how we share space with folks who are different from ourselves, and how we commit to being in relationship with one another.


The on-line videos include these topics:

  • Welcome as a Spiritual Practice
  • Gender and Our Faith Community
  • Unpacking the Gender Binary
  • Trans Experience and Spirituality
  • The Role of Culture in Trans Exclusion
  • Creating Culture Shift

To access the program visit At the Trans Inclusion in Congregations online course, enter “take the course”. Note: there is no charge to ERUUF participants—the fee has been paid by the Eno River Fellowship Foundation. When prompted to enroll in the course, enroll at the “Groups & Congregations: Sliding Scale top” ($800) . Use the coupon code ERUUF. This will gain you access to the course.


Contact Person: Carol-Ann Antunes, Evelyn Studer, & Jenn Greenleaf
Role: Coordinators

The Details

Contact Person: Carol-Ann Antunes, Evelyn Studer, & Jenn Greenleaf
Role: Coordinators