I'm still on Cloud Nine after last week's wonderful Sunday service that recognized the 25th anniversary of my ordination. I send my heartfelt thanks to the Board for reading my words, for creating the 2500 Hours of Service Project for all of us in the coming year, and for the absolutely lovely art glass piece. I hadn't expected anything more than a heartfelt "Congratulations," so all this was a deeply moving surprise. 
 I'm grateful to all my colleagues who were able to be part of this service, Rev. Jeanne Pupke, Dr. Mark Hicks, Rev. Cheryl M. Walker, Rev. Patty Hanneman, Rev. Susan Archer, Rev. John Saxon, Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson, Rev. Dr. James Kubal-Komoto, and Rev. Ed Brock. They are among the best religious professionals that I know.  
I thank Kate Lewis, Jocelyn Neal, and the Eno River Singers for the very special music which brought me to tears, and the Flower Team for the vibrantly gorgeous flowers. And we have the best Sound and Tech Team on the planet—thank you Jenny, Michele, Shawn, Scott, and Daniel.  
I especially want to thank Rev. Jacqueline for her vision of what this service could be, and for creating the liturgy and coaching all the participants, including my adult children and grandchildren who offered words for the chalice lighting. I have never participated in a service in which I didn't know anything about the content, but I did know that I could trust Jacqueline completely and my trust was well placed. It was a joy to be at the pulpit with her.  
Finally, I thank all who attended the service on Sunday (or another time) and offered their good wishes. Your love and appreciation are especially meaningful coming on the heels of my announcement that this coming year will be my last year at ERUUF. If you've got questions or any thoughts you'd like to share, I'm always glad to hear from you by phone or email.   
with love and gratitude,