Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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You Are Not the Only One Who Wants to Sigh Loudly


Two years ago this week we closed up public spaces and thought we'd be staying at home for two, maybe three weeks at most. Since that time we've mourned the loss of loved ones and the new babies we couldn't visit. We've witnessed racial violence, the increasing effects of climate change, polarization among fellow citizens, an insurgent attack on our nation's capital, rising inflation, and now the threat of Russian aggression on the eastern edges of Europe.

 We've learned to cope again and again, and just when we think we've begun to find our balance--wham! here comes a new thing that knocks us flat again.

Two teachers in California, whose students have been impacted by all of this--plus wildfires--thought it would help their students to do something good for others. (The story is all over news sources; if you haven't seen it search "pep toc" and it'll come up.) The teachers worked with their students to create a "PepToc Hotline." They asked the children what helped them cope and what they would say to someone who needed a lift, and then recorded the answers. They set up a phone line that got so many calls per hour that it crashed. So they set up another at 707-873-7862 (707-8PEPTOC).

The children also made encouraging posters to put up around town, complete with tear-off messages of hope and kindness. My favorite bit of wisdom is one child's block letter message that runs down the page, "You are not the only one who wants to sigh loudly." So true, buddy, so true.

It's good to know that we're not alone, and it's even better that we don't have to be alone. We're eager to see all who are able to meet in person starting this Sunday, March 20 at the 10:45 am service. We might sigh together a bit, or cry, or laugh, or all these and more. And as long as it's needed we'll keep offering each other love, hope, and encouragement.



ps--enjoy these spring flowers that I picked just for you ;-)

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