In A Moment, This is What Came, by Lisa Witzke

Lisa Witzke 1969-present 

Mother, wife, daughter, artist, healer, nature lover, lesbian, scavenger, collector of the unexpected, open-hearted warrior 

In A Moment, This is What Came 

This collection is aptly named, “In A Moment, This is What Came.” Mixed in a box of thousands of magazine pieces, I came across a photo clipping of Marsh P. Johnson at the Scrap Exchange. When I saw Her something ethereal opened up in me, speaking to my heart and the piece, “Mother Marsha” flowed from my soul. 

As I worked on Her, other pieces would flow out of the universe and present themselves to me; only when I was deep in my creation did they come. 

These pieces come from somewhere outside myself as well as somewhere deep inside my soul. I want to bring forward the memory of the trail blazers and warriors that came before me. The icons that paved the way for my generation and the ones after me. 

In the forgetting comes an erasure, an erasure of how we came to this place we are currently standing. I for one do not want to forget. 

I started this series by painting pieces of paper with watercolor and acrylic paint. I then cut the paper into hundreds of one-centimeter wide strips, and the creations began. The use of musical sheets in my art has been something I have incorporated for years. It symbolizes the music that is in my soul. I find musical notes and patterns utterly beautiful. If you look closely you will see recipes, bicycles, words, ribbons and a myriad of other references to my life and things that have inspired me. 

These pieces are just the beginning, there are so many stories yet to bring forward. 

I chose to show these 12 pieces because they asked me to, they were sitting in my studio knocking at the door to get out. So, I present to you the first of many… 

In A Moment, This is What Came. 

Lisa Witzke 

Lisa's show will be in our gallery from August 30, 2023 - October 9, 2023

Seascapes by Sunny Ladd

Seascapes is an exhibit that features watercolor paintings by ERUUF member, Sunny Ladd. The paintings depict three types of water scenes, one with salt water, ferries, and rocky beaches in Maine; another with lakeside views of herons, kayaks and reflections in New Hampshire, and a third of lagoons in Kerala, India.

2D and 3D by Emily Eve Weinstein and Catherine Kramer

On display through October 2022

This artwork together, 2-D and 3-D, make for a rich art experience.
Emily Eve Weinstein is displaying her landscape paintings of local natural beauty.
Catherine Kramer has gourds decorated in designs inspired by ancient techniques.

MEET THE ARTISTS August 28th and September 18th! They look forward to answering any questions you may have.

The Art of Karin Neuvirth

Karin Neuvirth is best known for her textural acrylic paintings of wooded landscapes which she refers to as treescapes. Her current style of painting involves many layers of paint which she applies with a palette knife utilizing the technique of using broken color to create a sense of movement within her work. Color is the most prominent element in her work. In order to form a more thorough understanding of color, she chooses to mix all of the colors that she uses from only the primary colors and white.

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  • The artwork in the Sanctuary Gallery is “Words of Peace and Kindness,” uplifting and positive words to hold, by Kathy Hopwood. They are Kanji characters painted on wood panels. Please stop by to meet Kathy, who will be in the gallery between services on Sunday, January 12, 2020 to answer questions.
  • The ERUUF Gallery is looking for 2- and 3-dimensional artists to display their work during 2020 and 2021. We’d love to have ERUUF members and friends submit their work for consideration. For more information, please email us at .

Announcing ERUUF Art Gallery Annual Holiday Show!

The ERUUF Art Gallery Committee is pleased to present the annual holiday show of works by the committee members. The Art Gallery Committee sees art as part of a spiritual journey, and is charged with finding local artists, reviewing their work, and ensuring that the ERUUF gallery is always displaying attractive and interesting art for our members and friends to enjoy. The show will be on display from Sunday, December 8th, through Sunday January 5th. This is a great way to buy holiday gifts! Purchased works can be taken as soon as they are paid for, and ERUUF receives a 20% commission on all sales.

The Art of Mary Balfour Humbaugh

The art of Mary Balfour Humbaugh is now on display in the ERUUF art gallery. 
Mary has been involved with many art mediums for years and recently found her way into the world of watercolor. See some of her inspirations in the gallery this October.

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SHIFTING VIEWS - weaving by Trudy Thomson

Artist Statement & Bio


I am drawn to rhythms and patterns found in nature, its random features, sometimes repetitive, sometimes sequential or undulating. My tapestry explores cross currents of color, the pulsing of fibers, and shifts in hue.

My introduction to weaving began when I attended classes at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Over the years — to refine techniques — I have attended Penland School of Crafts five times. Since my twenties I have explored both traditional and contemporary fabric structures including tapestries that use interlocked, soumak, and egyptian weaves.

I have lived in Chapel Hill since 1975 when I began my studies in visual design and received a Master’s degree in media from UNC.

I am a member of the Orange County Artists Guild and participate in the Open Studio Tour each year. I am also a member of the Durham Arts  Guild. My work has been exhibited at FRANK, Hillsborough Art Gallery, National Humanities, Walker Page, and many other juried venues across the Triangle. I also teach classes at the shop at my house.


"JUST ICE" - Photography by Peter Burch

 "JUST ICE" features photography by Peter Burch. Come to the gallery after service on Sunday, June 14 to meet the artist and cool off while looking at photographs of shapes, textures, and patterns in ice from the Eno River and the New Hope Creek.


WATERCOLORS by Sally W. Gilloolly

Sally is inspired by nature and uses watercolor along with salt, saran wrap, rubbing alcohol, and pen. Stop by and take a look at her images on the gallery wall.