On display through October, 2015.

Debra Wuliger is known for her creative use of space and color and the ability to capture a person’s essence on paper or canvas.  Regarding this body of work, Debra Wuliger stated: “ I am a figurative and portrait painter.  I am interested in portraying the strength and dignity of people as they act out their lives in ordinary circumstances. I like to contemplate how we as people reach this place of serene dignity.  I believe the secret may be to hold the tension between the joys and sorrows that life brings to us and to use both to become a vibrantly colored and many faceted human being.  I try to infuse each painting with a light that depicts transcendence. This inner light honors each person, giving the likeness a greater meaning.

My artwork involves building a densely patterned and textured canvas through many oil paint layers.  When a pattern emerges from the gestural movement of the figure, I use depth, texture and light to paint the figure emerging from the interlocking shapes. In this way I hope to communicate how we are all made from the one substance and are all interconnected into the one whole.”

Debra Wuliger lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, Joel and her dog Tessa.  She paints in the quiet of her home studio.  Her works have most recently been displayed at the Hillsborough Arts Council in Hillsborough, NC and at the Durham Arts Council.  The Durham Arts Council displayed the series “Coffee Talk” that resulted from having won the Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham Arts Council with support from the North Carolina Arts Council in 2013.