THREADS OF LIFE - textiles by Spiritual Threads

On display until August 16, 2017

Spiritual Threads is a collective that explores thread-work in a social-justice framework, observing how societies use textiles to express spirituality and preserve culture. The works exhibited include quilting, embroidery, hand-stitched collage, weaving, fabric painting and felting. Additionally, pottery is exhibited by Kitty Sherwin.

CAREFUL TO CAREFREE - watercolors by Carol Liz Fynn

On display until the end of May, 2017 

Watercolorist Carol Liz Fynn's exhibit of paintings illustrates how watercolor has a mind of its own–where an erratic nature can be tamed by technique and where happy accidents are embraced.

CONNECTIONS by Elllie Edwards-Smith

On display until March 30, 2017

Eno River Gallery at ERUUF features a new exhibit of paintings by Ellie Edwards-Smith which explores how we are all linked through ancestral history, physical attributes and spiritual aspects. Edwards- Smith researches her own family history for its many ethnic and genetic variations that link it to this multicultural world. 


On display until February 16, 2017.

Jarrett Burch is a self-taught artist originally from the foothills of north Georgia who began painting around 2002. His inspirations include Mark Rothko, Norman Lewis, and Joan Mitchell.Jarrett’s paintings have been purchased by clients throughout the Triangle; Philadelphia; New York City; Los Angeles- and Calgary, Alberta.

Jarrett is affiliated with Raleigh’s Visual Art Exchange and the Durham Art Guild, and is in the artist registry of The Painting Center in New York City. His work has been juried by many distinguished judges, such as Anne Strauss (Assistant Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC); Peter Nisbet (Chief Curator, Ackland Art Museum); Katherine Adkins (Assistant Curator, Nasher Museum of Art); and Vanessa des Claux (Tate Modern UK).  


On display until January 5, 2017

This year's exhibit features 6 artists.

BEAUTY BY NATURE - photography by Sol Levine

On display in the foyer Gallery from October 20 - December 1, 2016

Sol Levine’s photography exhibit includes wildlife, flora and landscapes – the natural beauty of every day. 

SPIRIT AND TRANSFORMATION  -  paintings by Richard Scherubel

On display in the foyer Gallery through September 20, 2016

Spirit and Transformation is an exhibit of Richard Scherubel’s colorful, nonrepresentational paintings.  Richard is a graduate of the University of Iowa’s Fine Arts Department.

BY THE SEA - works by Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison’s exhibit of alluring boats and seascapes is up through September 8. Meet the Artist on Sunday, July 31, 11:45 am

THE ADVENTURES OF TWO RED BICYCLES  - paintings by Phyllis Golden Andrews 

Two red bicycles are the alter egos for a pair of spandex-free cyclists in these illustrative paintings of their life events, travels and mishaps.

REFLECTIONS  AND REFRACTIONS - works by Trudy Thompson

On display currently in our gallery.  Thompson writes, "I am drawn to rhythms and patterns found in nature: ripples of water, swirls of clouds, shapes of flower buds, feathered wings of birds. I create my finely marbled silk by a process referred to as hydro-printing. After creating a viscous solution which sits over night in a bath, I carefully position drops of different colored acrylic paints on to the “sized” surface. Concentric circles expand and contract. The final pattern results after the drops of paint have been manipulated with a stylus or comb. Then with the help of an assistant a large panel of habatoi silk is positioned over the bath and lowered to gently rest on the surface, then slowly removed before rinsing. The layered patterns for my pieces result from creating a second or third bath with a different surface design each time… over a period of days!"