The display, consisting of four large posters and other pictures and memorabilia, describes the history of ERUUF using graphics and photographs that depict ERUUF and its predecessor, the UU Fellowship of Durham and Chapel Hill. Because 2016 is the 50th anniversary of our congregation, the Eno River Gallery will pay homage to our heritage. Thanks to Ross McKinney, facilitator and Steve Criscenzo, ERUUF Art Galleries liaison, for curating this exhibit.

CONTEMPORARY SEWN TEXTILES - works by Alice Levinson

Currently on display in the foyer gallery. My artwork process is intuitive and spontaneous. I experiment freely with dye, pigments, and printing techniques to create cloth which is complex in texture and rich in visual interest. In each composition the cloth is layered and densely sewn.  Occasional bits of vintage cloth add visual and textural interest, as spices enhance a stew.  Stitching, by both machine and hand, is my primary construction medium.

SHALL WE DANCE? - drawings and paintings by Linda Passman 

Now in our gallery through February 18, 2016.

A collection of evocative dancing figures in oil and mixed media. Passman was a long-time ERUUFian who was responsible for fostering ERUUF's visual arts presence in the community. 


Now appearing in our foyer gallery is the fine art of Marilyn Hartman, Nancy Darling, Pamela George, Steve Criscenzo, Carole Mathison and Becky Raye Russell. These artists are members of the Art Gallery Committee of ERUUF and do the work that presents the different art shows in our foyer month after month, year after year. Other committee members are Barbara Sheline, Morita Rapoza, and Mary LaCombe. Enjoy this “Art Gallery Committee Annual Show” as you thank these hard-working ERUUF-ians. They wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

PATTERNS AND COLORS - Peter Aitken Photography

On display in the foyer gallery through December 4, 2015

Peter Aitken is now exhibiting his photographs of semi-abstract images that he has created over the past few years.  His showing of sunrise images that were taken during a one week vacation on North Carolina’s Outer Banks had to be postponed due to technical problems. Peter is a fine art photographer living in Chapel Hill.

INTERCONNECTED - a series of figurative paintings by Debra Wuliger

On display through October, 2015.

Debra Wuliger is known for her creative use of space and color and the ability to capture a person’s essence on paper or canvas.  Regarding this body of work, Debra Wuliger stated: “ I am a figurative and portrait painter.  I am interested in portraying the strength and dignity of people as they act out their lives in ordinary circumstances. I like to contemplate how we as people reach this place of serene dignity.  I believe the secret may be to hold the tension between the joys and sorrows that life brings to us and to use both to become a vibrantly colored and many faceted human being.  I try to infuse each painting with a light that depicts transcendence. This inner light honors each person, giving the likeness a greater meaning.

My artwork involves building a densely patterned and textured canvas through many oil paint layers.  When a pattern emerges from the gestural movement of the figure, I use depth, texture and light to paint the figure emerging from the interlocking shapes. In this way I hope to communicate how we are all made from the one substance and are all interconnected into the one whole.”

Debra Wuliger lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, Joel and her dog Tessa.  She paints in the quiet of her home studio.  Her works have most recently been displayed at the Hillsborough Arts Council in Hillsborough, NC and at the Durham Arts Council.  The Durham Arts Council displayed the series “Coffee Talk” that resulted from having won the Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham Arts Council with support from the North Carolina Arts Council in 2013.

WHITE BLAZES SERIES 1: ART FROM THE TRAIL - acrylic and collage by Galia Goodman

Now in our gallery through September 23, 2015

This collection of acrylic, collage and natural found objects mounted on paper and canvas was inspired by recent section hikes of the Appalachian Trail. Galia based this collection on her photos, sketches and written observations. Enjoy the hikes!

WHAT COMES FROM – paintings by Sandra Elliot

Now in our gallery through August 13, 2015

2015 was a year of great loss and transition for my family and the members of our tightknit community. Watching so much pain, anger, and suffering, at times, felt insurmountable. Not one of those 7 beloved people died at a time that could be considered a natural point in the cycle of life. Tragic and untimely death of a loved one is something we all experience. We may turn inward or seek the help of others. How we deal with the grief and what happens to us as a result of that process inspired this body of work.

Such great suffering has brought some wonderful gifts: a closer community, the quest for something bigger than ourselves, strength of spirit, the eventual peace that comes from realizing that the suffering is over,  a family reconnecting, a renewed outlook and joy of life evolving from the understanding of its fragile nature.
This series, called WHAT COMES FROM, is a result of walking through and witnessing grief and what eventually grows, blooms, and emerges from that journey.