Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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A Prayer Giving Thanks


I give thanks

I give thanks

I give thanks

For all the good sent to us, even when we do not see it or know it. Good sent to us when the world seems so devastating and impossible, as if there is no way beyond the difficulties we experience, the grief and suffering we are a witness to, are a part of.                                            

I give thanks that in spite of all this there are those who come to us having managed to see beyond what we think IS, into a knowing that, out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing there exists a fresh and open possibility of life and a world in which we exist together in harmony, equity, beauty, equanimity.                                And for this, I give thanks, and it is in this that I place my hope and my faith.

I give thanks for all the wise and sacred teachers who have withstood the test of our hearts and of the ages. For wisdom teachings passed down to us by those whose names we do not know, whose imaginative belief in humanity have informed the goodness of our lives and our cultures around the world.                             I give thanks for all that is good.

I give thanks for the prophets and the truth tellers who have led humanity forward over the Ages in the understanding that there is more than our suffering, that how we create the world together becomes how we are in relationship one with another.

I give thanks for the prophets and truth tellers of our very own Age, who stand so firmly, so strongly in the strength of convictions focused upon the good of humanity that they change the course of singular lives and entire nations. People holding energetic possibilities that are alive among us. People who have placed their lives on the line so that we might all be free, that we might all sit together holding love unafraid and at peace.

I give thanks, offer active hope, faith, and fierce determination to stand steadfastly in the light, bringing forward the vision of the world my heart knows is possible, and a commitment to nurturing this heart light of love and hope such that it expands to touch others. That the work of my hands are an intentional act of creative possibility, Now in this present moment. 

And it is with thanks for all this

On my heart

In my mind 

In my spirit 

That I say, 

Amen. Ashe. Blessed be.

Palms together,

Rev. Jacqueline

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