Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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Sustainable ERUUF (Part 1)


Thank you for helping to expand our compost and recycling efforts on campus. As we continue to live into our commitment to care for the earth, each of us plays a big part in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. The waste reduction project has made great progress in the past year. Yes, this requires learning new habits and extra planning for events, especially around composting. Please know that your efforts make a difference! The new waste reduction stations in the Fellowship Hall and Care Building are just one part of a larger Green Sanctuary initiative at ERUUF. In addition, we increased our composting collection capacity from 10 gallons a week to 64 gallons a week which we are consistently filling. Furthermore, we have transitioned to compostable dinnerware for large ERUUF sponsored events with food and beverages.

In 2019, results from our composting vendor, Compost Now:

Screenshot 24

This project addressed the goal of waste reduction identified in the Green Sanctuary initiative with a specific target to reduce our congregational waste by at least 20% by December 2021. In following through on ERUUF's strategic plan, we committed to making an initial investment in critical infrastructure (i.e., a permanent, attractive, commercial collection station, compost collection and signage for the Fellowship Hall), to increase waste diversion through increased composting and recycling. The new waste reduction stations were made possible by a grant from Eno River Fellowship Foundation!

Many thanks to Kim Swain, Denise Frizzell, Barbara Welanetz, Daniel Trollinger, Shawn Trimble, and Michele Sager.

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