Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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January: Jubiliant, Jumbled, or Just So-So


Growing up, my mother was always wary of January. She noticed that every year, she would be excited to prepare for and celebrate the December holidays. Then suddenly, when January arrived, all the excitement dissipated. We were left with cold, snowy landscapes and a strong dose of Missouri monotony.

Years later in North Carolina, I hold her thoughtfulness about January close to my heart. I notice for many of us a significant change in our directional energy starting around January second. For some like my mother, that is a shift from celebration, connection, and delight toward a feeling of boredom and monotony. For others, the shift may go in a different direction. In December they feel challenged by family, expectations, lack of time, and/or so many other challenges. Sometimes January can feel like a moment of blessed peace, a step away from the muddle of feelings that can come at the end of a calendar year.

Whatever the direction of your energy, your spirit, your emotions this January, it is real and present in your body. If you are feeling more along the lines of joy and/or relief, I celebrate for you! I am glad this time of the year encourages you as a person and hope for more of that in your life!

If you are a person who is more challenged in January, first I always encourage you to honor that feeling within yourself. For some of us, that mindfulness may be essential.

If you are a person who wants to take more action, you might check-in with your body to see if it has any needs. As my friends Rev. KC Slack and Rev. Elizabeth Mount would ask, “Did you drink some water today? Have you eaten something with protein?” Then, it can be helpful to think about what your spirit may be calling for. Is it soothing? Is it joy? Something else? What in your practices might help support you right now? Something as simple as a cup of tea, a visit with a friend, or a chilly walk in nature may support your well-being. And if connecting with others is helpful, I hope you can come to see us on Sundays at ERUUF. Sometimes making contact with someone you know (or even that you haven’t met yet!) may enrich your week. If a larger challenge is present with your spirit, that’s a good time to let us know about your pastoral needs at . Myself, Rev. Stacy, our pastoral care associates, and our ministerial team want to know what is on your heart, and sometimes there are ways we can provide support or listening for your spirit.

I am thankful to be in this January time of beginnings with you, in the midst of your joys and challenges, and I’m sending forth encouragement toward all the robust blessings that 2023 may bring.

Blessed Be.

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