Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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Our Blue Boat Home: When We Act

As a young girl running around my Brooklyn neighborhood playground in early spring, I quietly noticed tiny bumps that suddenly appeared on the branches of trees and bushes everywhere. Since no one spoke of this phenomenon, nor did I. But I walked to the school bus stop each morning and carefully observed the bumps transforming into buds, then growing so full they could not help but to burst open, their contents emerging like a thousand little gifts of beauty.

I moved along concrete pathways marveling at this miraculous bursting forth of nature. I sensed the inner power of our Great Mother Earth, a power and grace which enabled beauty to emerge from concrete.

In her poem "Action" Margaret Wheatley writes:
"When we act, the world acts back.... and we and the world are co-created."

There are vast implications in her words as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline forces its way through 600 miles between West Virginia and eastern North Carolina. These include Tribal Lands or places mostly populated by the poor and People of Color. In other places on our planet there are communities that will be washed out of existence in less than 50 years.
When we act, the Earth acts back.

This month we celebrate our beloved Mother Earth, or Blue Boat, as singer songwriter Peter Mayer calls her in his well-loved song, "Blue Boat Home". We will welcome Peter to ERUUF on April 21st, in a co-creation of a joyous Blue Boat Home Weekend. Everyone, from our youngest to our eldest, is greatly encouraged to join in this celebration.
And throughout all the fun, let us also remember, When we act, the Earth acts back.

Palms together,

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