Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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Seeking Balance


The quest for balance can sometimes feel like searching for a calm landing spot between the far reaches of a pendulum as it swings from one pole to the other in dichotomies: light and dark, joy and sorrow, justice and injustice, self and transcendence, health and illness, past and future, body and spirit, science and mysticism. Out and in, out and in.

The living of life of course is more than moving between binaries. I'm rarely attempting to find balance between two things like black and white. I find myself, rather, seeking equilibrium in the midst of gradations of color, or a swirl of thoughts, activities, emotions, choices, longings, awarenesses, and opinions that are almost never either/or.

I imagine I am searching for balance amid billions of stars/planets, suspended in a both/and universe, moving and changing and in relationship with everything around me. Even as it feels overwhelming. Or like the End of What Is -- which often occurs in the universe. Of course that is not a bad thing. Of course. But, nonetheless…, my goodness...!

Seeking balance: Spending time alone and in quiet as a soothing salve.Less coffee jangling my nerves. Praying and meditating; mindfulness and stillness. Laughing and eating with a good friend. Moving my body; making art; capturing experiences in my journal. Going for a walk so right brain and left brain are connecting, communing, finding center. And on Sundays, co-creating sacred space with the intentional gathered community we form at ERUUF.

Other images of the binary: the 12th century Jewish philosopher and Torah scholar Maimonides suggesting we are equally balanced between good and evil, and the world itself is similarly balance. One good act, tipping the balance toward good in our own life and in the entire world. One bad deed, tipping the balance toward evil in our personal life and that of the entire world.

I am leaving space to be intentionally imbalanced toward good.

Palms together,


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