Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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Perhaps uncertainty has come up for you a lot over the past several weeks. Each day, nay, every hour seems to bring the unexpected in unimaginable ways as it's never come before.

If an overwhelming sense of anxiousness and uncertainty has been squeezing at your heart these days -- know that it’s got a hold on many of the rest of us too.

How will our current global predicament end? No matter how many forecasts are brought forward of when things will peak or when the curve will flatten, we still do not know how anything will be tomorrow. Truth is, that’s how it’s always been. It’s just in our faces now in ways we cannot avoid.

How do we just live with uncertainty nonetheless?

We can be the best we can be. We can love those we’ve been given to love, make room in our hearts to love others too. We can do our best to give more than we take. We can help and we can hope. We can pray. We can send our best energies out to the universe.

And I do this: I walk outside through the trails in my neighborhood or course around a nearby lake and take heart in the certainty that it is spring. My heart has swelled with joy at the beautiful colors of the trees (despite the pollen coating me and my car), at the new shoots on bushes and trees, at the loud singing of birds during the early morning hours -- all arriving nonetheless. And I love hearing about friends who are digging in their yards, planting trees, getting outside and clearing out old things from the winter.

My heart might feel like it's breaking when I consider the state the world is in but I am glad that mother earth still holds us, still blooms and blossoms. At least for now.

Palms together,
Rev. Jacqueline

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