Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.
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“What If? Pastoral Care, Religious Exploration, and Creativity”

What If?

What if?

It felt like such a powerful tool. As a child in the 80s, one of my friends favorite games was “Monster Shop.” The premise: what if we were all shopkeepers during the day, but turned into monsters at night and chased each other? It seems like potentially an odd game when I think back on it, but it was our favorite. It required creativity, but also exploring multiple imaginary paradigms and how they might fit together. When I think to those moments of creative exploration, I hope for those same moments for our children and youth in RE. Time to connect with one another and expand how we see the world. Space to build friendships and new ways to center love in our lives. We may not be building those connections through “Monster Shop”, but play and possibility are always part of the curriculum. (And of course if you want to volunteer to be part of that in 2023-2024 RE, click here!)

But as an adult, “what if” has served as a powerful tool still. While it could be used to remind me of everything that is wrong (and indeed that has been the instinct at times), I work to wield “what if?” as a reminder of the real and nuanced possibilities that lay before me:

What if love is possible?

What if I listen to what my body is telling me?

What if I say what I need and am listened to?

What if everything will be okay?

What if, in spite of challenges, there are good spots in my day?

What if I am beautiful the way I am?

What if I actually am doing everything I can?

What if, even with my mistakes, I could make good things happen?

There is a hope, a possibility in these statements that does not mean everything is okay. A possibility that does not ignore the hardship. And still makes space for the good.

What if you are enough?

Blessed be.

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