Planned Giving at ERUUF

We are excited to announce that the Organizational Development and Planned Giving Task Forces have concluded their work on the Planned Giving Program, and have turned it over to Planned Giving Team for the next stages of implementation. Please welcome team members Alice Alexander, Holly McKinney, Beth Harvat, and Jean O’Barr!

The two task forces began developing this program in the spring of 2018. Task force members were Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lillie Searles, and Mark Henault (Org. Development), and Kristi Chilton, Beth Harvat, and Doug Rhodes (Planned Giving).

After many months of work, an extensive Planned Giving Program Report was presented to the Coordinating team, the ERUUF Board or Trustees, and the Eno River Fellowship Foundation Board of Trustees. The program structure and recommendations outlined in the report were approved in November, 2018.

We are deeply grateful for the interest we’ve received in this program thus far, and we look forward to its continued success in the years to come.

For questions or more information, visit Planned Giving  Or, contact .