Ginny Fox, Trustee

As a new Board of Trustees member, I’ve had an awakening. I have to admit that, prior to now, the BOT seemed to me to be a bit like the stars, I always knew it was there, though I didn’t often stop to look at it.

Now that I have had the honor to become a trustee, I see what important work is done by the Board to maintain ERUUF’s functioning as a healthy congregation. I’ve also been overwhelmed with the sincerity, devotion, and commitment to ERUUF by my fellow Trustees, and that of our Ministers and staff.

This past month, our discussion centered on setting priorities for programs, fair and equitable wages for our staff, and on the benefits of becoming a Fair Share Congregation vis-a-vis the UUA. Ultimately, this all boils down to our stewardship of ERUUF and its leading role in the wider community and denomination, thus we started the dialog talking about our own stewardship practices. We discussed our giving practices on a level of open and frank discussion that is not always a comfortable one, albeit a necessary one. So as we move into our Stewardship Campaign in the near future, know that we are working to be more transparent ourselves in how we talk about what it takes for ERUUF to be the community we all want it to be and that we all dream for it to be.

I discovered ERUUF 22 years ago, and found that it helped me grow tremendously. That was my first metamorphosis. Now that I am a Trustee, I am feeling the start of a second one, and it’s a nice place to be. I’m glad you’re all here with me too on this journey, and hope you will find the same transformative experiences I have found.

Peace and harmony,
Ginny Fox

If you have questions or comments about ERUUF or would just like to get to know us better, please look for Board members during coffee hour or contact us at .