by Kristi Chilton, outgoing Board chair

The members of ERUUF’s 2018/2019 Board of Trustees were Bob Brown, Rev. Deborah Cayer, Julie Edmunds (Secretary), Albert Hardy, Lenora Harris-Field, Bonnie LaCroix (Finance Liaison), Barb Sheline, Joan Tilghman, Helen Wolfson and me, Kristi Chilton (Chair). Each of these individuals brought unique gifts, and it was an honor to lead such a devoted, thoughtful, capable team of people.

One of the board’s primary goals this year was to develop a Vision for ERUUF. Visioning is a vital component of our duties, and we sought to define who, what and how we wished to be in several years. We began with a facilitated workshop for congregants in October, and later held a visioning workshop with the staff. These inputs led to deep discussion and soul-searching about ERUUF’s past, present and future. Countless hours of distilling, clarifying, and editing later, we released the final Vision Statement (link to statement). We hope that members find it inspiring, and look forward to participating in the development of a new Strategic Plan to help realize this future state.

Other areas of focus for this year included the launch of a new Planned Giving Program, an emphasis on communication and transparency, a careful review of ERUUF’s bylaws which resulted in several revisions, and the development of two new and important policies. The first of these was a comprehensive Gift Acceptance Policy, which both ERUUF and the Foundation adhere to. The second was a policy for the Campus Needs Fund, which was established after last year’s highly successful Special Campaign for Campus Needs. A new policy on all of ERUUF’s reserves is currently underway.

ERUUF is in a place that I could not have imagined three years ago when I joined the Board. We’ve retired the mortgage, established a healthy reserve fund to care for the campus, collaborated with the Foundation to carefully and creatively plan for the future, grown in numbers and programs, and evolved significantly in terms of worship, justice and outreach. I am proud to have served during this time, and look forward to seeing what comes next.