The Board of Trustees is proud to announce a Vision statement for ERUUF.


What took so long, you might ask? Didn’t we start this in the fall? (Yes, we did). Well, we had a lot to consider, and some soul-searching to do. We reviewed the proposed statements and themes generated during the fall visioning workshops with our members and the responses to the survey, and we met separately with senior staff for their input. Countless hours in, we still felt that something was not quite right or potentially missing. So in March, the full Board held a separate meeting with our two ministers where we had a deep and meaningful discussion around this question: what is ERUUF trying to become, as opposed to what we already are? We found that we just couldn’t express what we wanted to within a 30-word limit (our consultant’s suggestion). Once we lifted that constraint, the process became easier. Building on the ideas and much of the beautiful language offered by members during the workshops, we added the Board’s vision and collective understanding of where it is that we want and need to go. So now we offer you, members and friends of ERUUF, the product of this labor of love. It is neither perfect nor permanent, but a Vision to guide us in our work for the next 7-10 years. In the coming year, this Vision, our Mission, and our Covenant will all guide us as we work to develop a new Strategic Plan and update ERUUF’s Ends (specific accomplishments we are aiming to realize). Comments? Email or talk to any board member.



We are a vibrant, diverse, engaged community where spirits are nourished, ideas thrive, and love finds action.

We are welcoming and radically inclusive. We recognize and value the humanity of all who come through our doors.

We actively and courageously work for racial, economic, social and environmental justice,

and are deeply committed to dismantling the divisive cultures of dominance in our society.

Grounded by our principles, we radiate love, joy and a spirit of generosity. Our deep connections sustain us and fuel both spiritual and personal growth.

We are a visible force for justice, equity and compassion in our community as we live into the ultimate transformative power of love.