Board News

ERUUF’s Board of Trustees welcomes new members Ed Hoefle and Carolyn Lekavich to the Board this year. We are grateful that Julie Edmunds and Bob Brown (Finance Liaison) agreed to continue to serve (Julie for one year and Bob for a full 3-year-term). Other board members are Bonnie LaCroix (Chair), Albert Hardy, Lenora Harris-Field (Secretary), Joan Tilghman, and Helen Wolfson.

Board members have been working closely with the Coordinating Team and other leaders on the Solar Panel Project and the commissioning of an engineering firm and I.T. studies to assess future campus needs. The previously-published Campus Needs Policy was integrated into a new and expanded Policy on Reserves and Other Equity Accounts. This policy, which has been in development since the spring based on extensive analysis by board members, was passed in August. The need for such a policy is a reflection of how much ERUUF has grown in capacity over the past several years.

We have also begun to collaborate more closely with the Eno River Fellowship Foundation and partnered with them to appoint three new Foundation board members this summer. We are excited about our continued and deepening partnership and are hopeful for the continued success of our planned giving program.

The board has spent the last few months establishing roles and goals for its work this year. We began the year with a day-long retreat, and completed the first of several “Deep Chair” meetings during which the board discusses a single strategic issue in depth.

We are looking forward to collaborating with the Coordinating Team on a process of co-creating ERUUF’s next 3 year strategic plan. The board has begun reaching out to ministry group and affinity group leaders to start the process of gathering information on our shared goals and hope to lead an open collaborative process that includes the input of as many community members as possible. The hugely successful visioning processes from last year has given us a great head start on identifying near term goals for the Fellowship.

While generation of ERUUF’s next strategic plan is a primary output goal of the board this year, we will also be reviewing a few key existing policies and are hoping to work with the board’s Finance Advisory Committee as well as the Fellowship’s administration to come up with some creative new ways of sharing information about the congregation’s financial health going in to the 2020/21 budgeting season.

It is an exciting time for our Fellowship with increasing capacity in many areas! As always, you can contact the board by emailing or by speaking with any board member.