As a non-profit organization, ERUUF is governed first by its bylaws and then by its policies. The current bylaws were written in 2010 when ERUUF first implemented Policy Governance. Unlike policies, which may be changed by a vote of the current Board of Trustees, bylaws can only be changed by a congregational vote.

Over the past few months, the Board of Trustees has carefully reviewed our current bylaws. Our goal was to ensure that they accurately and clearly reflect how we currently operate or wish to operate in the future.

Ultimately, we would like to propose more widespread changes to improve the structure and enhance the readability of these bylaws, so we consider this a “first pass” at updating our bylaws.

Our review resulted in several proposed amendments that we will bring to the congregation at the annual meeting in June. We will hold two sessions prior to the meeting to review the changes and solicit any feedback you might have. Stay tuned for further information on those sessions (dates TBD). As always, we invite you to email at any time with questions or concerns.