April 16, 2021

I am writing today to give you an update on the ministerial transition process including a description of the job of the search committee and an ask for your input to help us find search committee candidates.

The first step in ensuring that we have a healthy and positive ministerial transition is electing an excellent Search Committee. A joint team of the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee has developed a process by which you, the members of ERUUF, can nominate those that you most trust to carry out a good search process.

In the next week, you will be receiving an email with a survey where you can indicate fellow members that you believe would be good candidates for the search committee. The survey will be open through May 4th.

The Search Committee is responsible for:

  • Organizing anti-bias training for the congregation.
  • Updating the Congregational Record by reviewing historical documents, developing and administering a congregational survey, holding focus groups and listening sessions, and distilling that information accurately and honestly into a comprehensive snapshot of congregational health and needs. The Congregational Record contains vital learning about the congregation including its history, mission, strengths, struggles, current and future needs, describing a full and authentic presentation of the ministry that's needed by the congregation. It will describe the character of the surrounding community, congregational involvement in the wider community, congregational structure, the role of lay leadership and the expected role of a lead minister, the current state of the congregations theological, musical and programmatic life, and identifies a profile for the minister that ERUUF seeks.
  • Utilizing the congregational record to identify ministerial candidates that may be a good match for ERUUF, including deciding whether to evaluate an internal candidate or pursue external candidates.
  • Conducting a thorough and responsible interview process.
  • Selecting a final candidate to put forward to the congregation for consideration as our next settled minister.
  • Utilizing anti-oppression and equity lenses in entirety of their work.

Search Committee Formation Process

A joint team of the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee has developed a process by which you, the members of ERUUF, can nominate those that you most trust to carry out a good search process.

The team contacted a subset of trusted leaders as well as members of the previous Search Committee to discuss what the search process looks like and what makes a healthy process, to develop an understanding of the job of the search committee, and to get input on whose voices in our congregation tend to go unheard at the margins and deserve extra attention. They have also been in contact with the transitions office of the UUA to learn about best practices in search so we can utilize their good learnings as appropriate for our congregation.

Here is the process that has been developed:

  1. All members will be contacted for their input. Members will be asked to nominate individuals they believe would be good Search Committee candidates.
    1. A survey will be sent out twice via email, as well as being advertised in the E-News. Individual affinity groups will also be contacted to encourage their members to participate.
  2. The results of the survey will be given to the Nominating Committee (who is responsible for selecting a slate of 6 candidates to present for a vote at the annual meeting) and the Board of Trustees (who is responsible for appointing 1 member to the committee).
  3. The Nominating Committee and Board of Trustees will select their nominees from the survey results and build a Search Committee of skilled members that is representative of and trusted by the whole congregation. Both teams will focus diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that all voices are represented in the Search Committee. You may contact either team directly for details on their process.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

In community,
Bonnie LaCroix
Chair, Board of Trustees