Term: 2022-2024

My introduction to ERUUF was through Clicking for a Cause, a group of spiritual knitters and crocheters. I had just moved to Durham in 2015 and was looking for connections.  I appreciated the group’s shared purpose of spirituality, craft, and service.  I became a member in 2017 after getting involved in multiple aspects of ERUUF's Justice Ministry. I have served in ERUUF's Justice Ministry on both the Steering Committee as the Planning Coordinator and as a Co-chair of the Durham CAN Action Team. I continue to serve as a member of the Durham CAN Action Team and Clicking for a Cause. I also coordinate and facilitate the Justice Ministry segment of the Inquirer’s Series for new members. I served on ERUUF’s Nominating Committee from 2019-2022 including as Co-Chair for one year.

In my professional life, I work as a Statistician for the University of California, Irvine doing health services research with a focus on nursing home and home health care quality.  I am a member of Durham CAN's Affordable Housing Team, formerly serving as a Co-Chair for 2 years, and a member of Bike Durham. I am interested in leadership development both within ERUUF and in communities outside of ERUUF whose voices are underrepresented. Durham CAN has been instrumental in my own development as a leader and a spiritual being. In my spare time, I enjoy walking with my dogs, Fido and Mack, loving on both my dogs and cats, spending time with my spouse, Steve, studying martial arts, gardening, and knitting or crocheting.