Term: 2017-2020

I am a life-long UU — with a lapse as a NONE in early adulthood. My passion for Unitarian Universalism and my commitment to it as a movement are both long-standing and deeply rooted. I believe that Unitarian Universalism offers a model of peaceful coexistence and thoughtful, ethical decision-making that the world sorely needs, now more than ever.

I’ve been a member of ERUUF for over twenty years. Over the years I’ve served as chair of the Worship Committee, as a worship associate, as an RE teacher, on the music committee, as a maker of casseroles for the homeless shelter, as a coordinator for Cafe ERUUF. Someone even convinced me once to be Stewardship chair. 

I spent the majority of my career as a technical writer and a software tester, with stints in science, ballet, and a health-food store during young adulthood. In my forties, I discovered the hammered dulcimer, and this discovery changed my life. As a Certified Music Practitioner®. I play music at bedside in hospitals, residential facilities, and private homes as well as in memorial services. The relaxing music that I provide in such venues offers healing, solace, pain relief, and stress relief to patients and their families. In this work, I have finally found my calling — the place where my talents meet the world’s need. It is work that may drain me in the short run but that overall energizes me and gives me some of the most profound moments of my life.