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Our Bodies, Our Stories: Flipping Cancer Project Performance Event

Sat, Mar 2 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
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A workshop + performance series with patients, caregivers, + healthcare providers facing cancers + life-threatening illnesses.

The Our Bodies, Our Stories series is an opportunity for you to engage your journey with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses or with supporting others who have these experiences, and to connect more deeply with ERUUF and broader community members in enriching, meaningful ways. Dr. Marie Garlock will lead workshops using Interplay methods for communicating for health, justice, and interpersonal renewal. Rev. Stacy Grove joins to  provide live sound healing music.

Saturday, March 2 will be a ~40-60 minute ensemble performance that weaves story, poetry, movement, stillness, voice, breath, music, and connection. This original community piece will honor what our bodies know and what our stories can do, among people navigating life-threatening illness and cancers. It is followed by a reflective dialogue and fellowship between participants and the audience gathered.  (Performers will be participants from the February 24 session, who will rehearse again onsite on March 2 before performing). All are invited to attend and support your friends, family, and community members. RSVP Here.

Please register and RSVP if you can to help us plan -  ( for any questions).  Walk-ins will be welcomed.”