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Journey to Honduras Information Session

Wed, Mar 6 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Latin American Justice Team Journey to Honduras: The Roots of Migration

Participate in a week-long immersive seminar in Honduras to better understand the root causes of migration from Central America!  This intercultural experience will take place in the northern city of San Pedro Sula on September 21-26, 2024.  Our partner in Central America, Cristosal which works to defend human rights and promote democratic rule of law, will work with ERUUF to co-create the seminar.



A small group of ERUUFians will engage in intercultural learning with human rights defenders, academics, legal professionals, and community leaders from Honduras to deepen our understanding of the evolving dynamics of forced migration. Learning with Honduras experts and experiencing the Honduran context will help us to better understand key issues.  Topics will include the role of governments, civil society, and the international community in protecting the rights of all people to remain in their home countries, and when forced to cross borders, how displacement or forced migration impacts the health and safety of a population.

 Additional information on location, cost, housing, and the format and content of the seminar will be provided during the March 6th session.