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UU Theology Class (Adult Programs)

Sun, Feb 19 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
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UU Theology is an introduction to concepts that undergird the religious orientation of our fellowship. Each session addresses a different dimension of traditional theology, beginning with Christian doctrines that Unitarian Universalism rejected and revised.

Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions of the course. Sign up here.

            1. What is Theology? - Is “UU Theology” an Oxymoron?
            2. Encouragement to Spiritual Growth - The Nature of God and Spirit
            3. Theological Anthropology - Human Nature and the Good Life
            4. Eschatology - Facing Fear and Hope
            5. Process and Liberation Theology - Living in Fidelity to Greater Freedom
            6. Ecumenism - Expanding the Beloved Community