Capital Campaign Summary - May 2017

Early success and donations for the campaign allowed us to pay $340,000 on ERUUF's mortgage almost immediately. The variable rate loan was reamoritized in March 2012 for a nominal fee to lower the monthly payment, which reduced annual mortgage costs by $58,000. Late in Dec. 2014, an anonymous donor came forward with a matching gift challenge to pay off the remaining mortgage, which raised an additional $170,000 leaving a mortgage balance of $121,982 by 2015-2016. Annual mortgage costs decreased from 2013 to 2016 from $43,244 to $17,500 as a result of the campaign.  As of Dec. 31, 2015, the capital campaign had received total pledges of $1,051,932 and actual contributions of $994,258.

Part of the monies raised during the campaign were earmarked for campus facility maintenance. Here is a brief schedule of repairs and improvements that have been prioritized according to a master plan that was developed based on the report of needs from an external consultant:

Roof repair (complete)
Parking lot resurface (summer/fall)
CARE Bldg floor, refurbish/rooms (summer)
Green Campus Part A: Insulation/weatherproof, new toilets, lighting, solar tubes (summer)
Fellowship Hall exterior painting (summer)
Sanctuary speaker remount (summer)
French drains, rear Sanctuary (fall)
Landscape timbers Care bldg (summer).

Many thanks to the Debt to Dreams team and the generosity of the congregation to make this possible!

Major Expenditures $927,502
Mortgage Payments 714,502
Transfer to Deferred Maintenance 155,000
Other Expenses (refinance, consult fees, print/postage, etc.) 58,000


Capital Campaign Fund $36,254
Deferred Maintenance Fund $30,520


Original Mortgage before campaign $1,125,235
Current Mortgage balance



Summary of Major Renovations to date* ($124,000)

Refurbishing of CARE Bldg Building floors
Painting CARE Bldg hallway
Fellowship Exterior Painting
CARE Bldg tables and chairs
Retaining wall CARE Bldg
Parking lot resurface
French drains Sanctuary
Fellowship Hall Kitchen Remodel
Window/Ceiling Repair (all bldgs)
HVAC (Commons Rm)
Carpet (Rms 7, 15)
Painting (campus wide)
Automatic Doors
Ceiling Fans (Rms 7, 4, 5)
Painting (Commons)
Wall repairs (Sanctuary

AV Upgrades (Care bldg.)

Drainage (playground, parking lot)

Rolling storage carts/chair (RE classrooms)


(prepared by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)