Vision: We envision a world that is healed and transformed: where respect for the interdependent web of all existence enables people from all walks of life to live without fear of human-caused environmental destruction and in harmony with each other and the rest of creation.

Mission: The mission of the Earth Justice Action Group is to transform the ERUUF community to fully engage in addressing the climate crisis as a moral issue that is inextricably linked to our commitment to work for justice, equity, inclusion.  We seek to build awareness and knowledge of our material and spiritual interconnectedness, to initiate sound practices that benefit nature through projects and activities, and to direct congregants to efforts local-to-global that create a just, resilient, and sustainable world. 

Strategic Goals for Climate Justice that the Earth Justice Action Group proposes for the ERUUF congregation:

  • To engage and complete the UUA Green Sanctuary accreditation program by 2020

  • Engage the ERUUF community to more fully live our first, third, sixth, and seventh UU Principles in regards to sustainability and earth justice.
  • Create opportunities for the congregational engagement and participation in environmental and climate justice networks local- to- global.

  • Develop and maintain a partnership with at least one faith-based organization (e.g., Commit2Respond, NCIPL, GreenFaith), at least one non-faith-based organization (e.g., NC WARN,, and at least one front-line community.

Actions and efforts towards fulfilling our mission and goals:

  • The Earth Justice Action Group engages the congregation in the 5-step process of becoming a Green Sanctuary.
  • The Earth Justice Action Group collaborates with the Multi-cultural Team (MCT) to create and implement a curriculum that presents climate change through a lens of race and class equity and inclusion and vice-versa.

  • The Earth Justice Action Group organizes projects and adult education events, including workshops, films, simulations, and other methods, that advance sustainable living and permit a deeper understanding and appreciation for the effects of climate change, local to global, now and in the future, as well as tools that build resilience and regeneration in just and equitable ways.

  • Support the Religious Education team in developing programs for senior teens (similar to those for adults or they can participate with adults) and helps and supports parents discussing the issues with their younger children

  • Support the Ministerial Team in addressing the climate crisis and climate justice regularly during services (we suggest monthly) to enhance our spiritual growth as seekers of truth, connect to our values and principles, and strengthen our moral courage.

The Green Sanctuary Congregational Engagement Sessions - fall 2017

For a summary of what the congregation aspires to, read this interesting report on the outcome of the Engagement meetings.


From the Green Sanctuary Congregational Discernment meetings - fall 2017

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Contact Person: Denise Frizzell
Role: chair
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Minister of Congregational Engagement