On Sundays, families gather in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service. Children experience elements of the worship service, listen to the “Story for All Ages,” and are then sung out by the congregation to “Go Now in Peace.”

We ask that the adults of children through 5th grade accompany their child out of the sanctuary to meet their teacher. There you will receive an attendance card that you hold onto until you reunite after the service.
First time visitors should accompany their children to the classroom so they know where to find them after the service.

Classes end at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm when there are two services. During "Summer" Worship times, classes begin at 10:15 am and end at 11:45 am. Please see Upcoming Services to see the schedule.
Please pick your child up at that time from their classroom.

After attending 3 classes, please register online