The Healthy Congregation Committee (HCC) is a standing committee with year-round responsibilities.  The HCC helps resolve disputes and other forms of interpersonal conflict according to policies.

They develop year-round programs to improve our ability to deal with interpersonal conflicts and concerns. The committee is encouraged to be as welcoming and available to members and friends of ERUUF as possible, to promote communication around issues before they escalate.

HCC Guiding Principles

In all the work we do and service we provide in support of our Beloved Community here at ERUUF, the HCC will always do our best to:

  • hold the health and wholeness of our beloved community as a priority above all individual or group interests;

  • keep equity at the center of our work with the intention of creating balance in power, privilege, and authority dynamics; 

  • create proactive opportunities to build a healthy congregation and the individual skills needed to manage conflict at lower levels whenever possible;

  • and, accompany as a spiritual companion those in need of support, listening, or guidance in moments of conflict. 


For more details, view the HCC job description.


Committee Members

The current members serving on the HCC are Sarah Sanchez (Chair), Amy Rawls, Eric Hodges, and Deb Cayer (member ex officio). Meet them below!

    • Eric Hodges

To contact the HCC, you can email the entire committee at . Alternatively, you may choose to contact any member via the email or phone contact provided in your membership directory.


Charge to the Healthy Congregation Committee

C.III Conflict Mediation Policy

C.IV Complaint and Grievance Policy

C.V Disruptive Behavior Policy



HCC Suggested Resources

Video: A Seasonal Conversation with Eric Hodges & Amy Rawls - Eric Hodges joins Amy Rawls for a casual conversation on the one-year anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on the impacts of the last year on our lives, relationships, and spirits.


Video: A Seasonal Conversation with Rev. Cayer & Amy Rawls - Amy Rawls, from ERUUF's Healthy Congregation Committee, joins Rev. Cayer for a casual conversation about creating intentional and meaningful holiday rituals that will feed your spirit rather than deplete or tire you. And, we share a few tips on how to make it a family effort!

Contact Person: Sarah Sanchez
Role: Chair