This committee has tthe primary function of nominating candidates for elected positions at ERUUF. The goal of the Committee is to recognize, nurture, and call upon the talents and gifts of a wide cross section of the congregation who are willing and able to represent the Fellowship as a whole. 

 We work to provide an open and inclusive process to develop and sustain ERUUF leaders, and so we consider all ERUUF members with an interest in an available elected position. In making nominations we try to build a team of members with complementary talents. The election process is open since any member may petition to join the ballot. We also help ERUUF leaders connect with non-elected positions where they fit.

The Nominating Committee consists of seven members of ERUUF who serve for terms of three years. The terms are staggered, such that two or three positions will typically be filled each year. A member of the Board of Trustees serves as a non-voting liaison.


  • Bob Hetes (Chair)
  • Heather Ladd
  • Dom Grimes-Medlin
  • Lisa Jones
  • Amy Csorba
  • JM Tramontin
  • Mike McLeod


Documents and Forms

Job descriptions for the Board of Trustees, Healthy Congregations Committee, and Nominating Committee along with nomination and petition forms can be found by clicking the button below.

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Contact Person: Bob Hetes
Role: Chair