We know that coronavirus is on everyone's mind and we want to share the plans we've put in place at ERUUF to help contain its spread. ERUUF's lay leaders, ministers and staff are here.  We plan to offer services, classes and other programs as usual, unless we're advised otherwise by health officials.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or needs.  Truly, it can help just to talk to someone if this health crisis (or anything else that's going on) is making you uncomfortable.

As usual, hand sanitizer and tissues are readily available in the gallery and sanctuary.  
As has been our practice this fall and winter, ministers will normally greet you without shaking hands or hugging.  
We ask that members greet each other with a smile and hands to the heart, or with a gentle elbow bump.
If you know that you're ill, even with a cold, please stay home.  
Call us and we'll bring you flowers from Sunday and anything else you might need while you recuperate. 
Staff have been asked to do the same; all ERUUF employees have paid sick leave and all have agreed they will use it if necessary.
We've placed hand-sanitizer and wipes in every classroom, and Lysol spray in the Nursery and Pre-K rooms for teachers to use on surfaces and toys. They'll open windows to air out rooms between classes, and we also ask groups to do this at the beginning of all meetings.      
We've asked RE teachers to begin all Sunday class time with handwashing. We'll talk about all this on Sunday in services. In future weeks we can gather as a beloved community in the sanctuary as usual, and if needed we can forego the story in order to make time for children's handwashing.            
Here's a great resource on how to talk to children about the current health crisis. The authors remind us that taking the best care of children begins with taking care of ourselves as adults.  
It's not pleasant to have to consider all these precautions, so it can help to focus on why we're making them.  We do these things because we care about each other, and because truly, kindness and caring matter.  We're here if you need us.  Please contact us if you have any need, including the need to tell someone that you're a bit overwhelmed.