As a spiritual community, members of ERUUF strive to create a culture of respect and care for one another. With the end of mask mandates in most public places, COVID variants are on the rise. Thankfully, with vaccines and boosters, the health impact on most people can be minimized.

Even so, given the virus's ability to spread so rapidly, and in order to be inclusive and caring for people of all ages and health statuses, on the ERUUF campus masks are required at all indoor gatherings of any size, for all ages until further notice. Masks are encouraged but not required outdoors.

Below are updated guidelines for specific activities at ERUUF:

Worship: Masks are required for in-person attendance by congregants. Worship leaders and speakers do not have to wear a mask while speaking during services. Cantors and choir members will continue to wear masks while singing in order to minimize the viral load in the air.

Fellowship Hour:
Effective Sunday, August 7, social time after the service will take place in the Fellowship Hall, but beverage service will not be offered at this time. Masks are required. Tabling by ERUUF groups is encouraged to offer opportunities to reconnect as a community.

Masks are required on campus for all indoor gatherings until further notice. Masks are encouraged but not required outdoors at this time.

Food gatherings: No food or beverages may be communally prepared or shared indoors at this time. Individual snacks and drinks are permitted with social distancing. Outdoor food gatherings can proceed with careful planning. Please check with staff for recommendations.

Be mindful about greeting each other, staff, and ministers at a social distance; not doing this puts others at risk.

We strongly encourage vaccinations and boosters for everyone who’s eligible.

Be mindful of inclusion of group members with particular needs.

Note that guidelines for masks and food at gatherings apply to ERUUF groups as well as those renting space.

We will continue to monitor public health conditions, and rely on the expertise of ERUUF's public health safety advisors. And we'll continue to incorporate the guidance provided by the CDC, NCDHHS, and UUA.